Compliance with standards

As the workbench of the world, China offers an almost gigantic variety of products. Since there is a completely different understanding of quality in China, you as the customer must ensure the quality of the goods; both in the definition of quality before the order is placed and in the quality inspection of the acceptance of the goods. By creating a specification sheet, you as the customer specify your products. The more detailed and precise your product description is, the clearer you create a common understanding of quality with the Chinese suppliers.


Trust is good, control is better. We recommend a pre-receipt of goods in China. This way, first defects and discrepancies can be detected directly. In case of a complaint, our customers can react much faster and more flexible, without waiting for the sea freight time of several weeks and investing the expensive freight money for bad goods wrongly. In such cases, individual solutions can be negotiated with Chinese suppliers in a timely and straightforward manner. In the digital era, especially in a digital country like China, goods receiving can be multi-step to reduce not only quality risks but also payment risks.