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About us

CIB | Your China Import Experts

You want to import goods from China? We are your China Import Partner. As China Import Consulting we offer our customers a complete service for importing from China. We research products and suppliers, assist with customs and logistics handling and optimize the import from China for our customers.


We are China import specialists. In the field of China import we have good networks in China on the spot. With our expertise in importing from China, we can help European companies in various industries to import products from China at low cost and high quality. We provide first class support in coordinating order fulfillment and understand the quality requirements according to European standards. Our customers benefit from our lean structure and efficient operation. This enables them to secure competitive advantages in sourcing from China.


As a 360-degree sourcing agency, China Import Consulting also provides warehousing services in China. You have goods to import from China and have quality problems? This is exactly where we come in to help you. We have storage facilities in China and do the quality control of the goods directly on site. Through this service, on the one hand, our customers can reduce logistics costs (larger collective shipments, instead of several small shipments). On the other hand, customers can solve quality problems preventively, because it saves time and costs if all complaints can be reported to the suppliers in China directly after the inspection of goods.

Products research

You are planning to import products from China and looking for the suitable suppliers? We help you to find a qualified supplier in China and to secure the good purchasing conditions. 

Company audit

How can you ensure that a supplier is reputable and can reliably map the supply chain? Do a supplier audit and safeguard yourself. Have suppliers' business data audited or conduct an on-site audit. 

Quality inspection

A functioning quality management leads to long-term success. If possible, check the quality of the goods before they leave China. A goods inspection avoids gross errors and saves logistics costs and handling effort.

Customs and Logistics

Before you start an import process, it is recommended to deal with customs and logistics process. How to transport the goods internationally and which costs to expect play an important role in the product calculation, in particular questions are to be clarified, which customs regulations are to be considered for which products.


Before the import process, issues such as quality requirements, product conformity, EU standards as well as certificates should also be checked and clarified. Talk to the relevant authorities and to the suppliers so that these conditions can be checked. 


Are you just starting a business and don't know how to realize your creative product? In China, products can be made to order. From the first prototype to ready-made final products can be coordinated by us.

Why to choose CIB

  • Contact with good and reputable suppliers - building a long-term partnership
  • Competitive advantages and cost reduction when importing: China Import Consulting is happy to conduct negotiations for you and understands best negotiation tactics among Chinese. 
  • Reliability: By building a stable supplier network, you can always meet your delivery commitments.
    Security: Fast action in crisis situations provides you with additional security.
  • Training and competence building of suppliers 
  • understanding of product development and marketing 
  • comprehensive logistics optimization
  • Full service: Ordering, logistics, payment monitoring, delivery dates, possible complaints - all from one source.